Friends of the Early Public Library

The Friends of the Early Public Library is a group of people who work together to improve the library. Friends of the Early Public Library is a non-profit volunteer organization which exists to assist the library.The library is a cultural, educational, informational, and recreational center in our community. The primary goal of our organization is to raise and receive funds in which to support library needs not recognized in their budget. 

Membership Fee: $5 due at time of application. Dues are renewed annually in July. Please make checks payable to Friends of the Early Public Library.


Duties of Friends of the Early Public Library are:

Provide Desserts/Bars                                           Volunteer at Christmas Celebration

Volunteer at Fundraiser/Events                              Assist with Book Deliveries

Serve on a Committee                                            Help with Displays

Organize Book Sales                                              Supports the Library, but cannot help at this time